Gen Z’s priorities lie with pets not partners in home searches: Survey

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When it comes to homeownership, members of Generation Z’s priorities lie with their furry friends, according to a new survey.

A survey, released Tuesday, found that many Gen Zers would put their pets’ needs ahead of their children’s or partners’ needs if they were to buy a home.

Sixty percent of Gen Z adults surveyed considered pet-friendly features an essential part of their ideal homes. And 48 percent listed a fenced-in backyard as a must-have compared to only 28 percent who listed a double sink in the main bathroom as such. Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said a home office was essential.

Kid-friendly features were even less important for those surveyed, with only 24 percent feeling that a playroom was a necessity and just 11 percent considering an outdoor playset important.

As Gen Z delays parenthood but embraces pet parenthood, pet-friendly features are likely to become even more essential as the generation ages into homebuying.

“Young adults may be delaying parenthood, but they’re not putting off pet parenthood,” Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton said in a statement. “One recent study finds most Gen Z adults would rather have a pet than a child. As this younger generation ages into their homebuying years, it follows that their pets will have a greater influence on their moving decisions, perhaps more so than their significant other.”

While pets have long been a part of the American family, even more Americans became pet owners during the COVID-19 pandemic to deal with loneliness. Survey’s data shows that nearly 73 percent of current homebuyers have at least one pet at home, a sizable jump from the 63 percent registered in 2020.

Increased pet ownership is having an impact on homebuyer preferences. Research has shown pet owners are more likely to seek out larger homes with more bedrooms. Seventy-three percent of buyers with pets are also likely to consider private outdoor space very important, compared to 63 percent of buyers without pets, according to.

Survey’s was conducted online through The Harris Poll with a pool of 2,066 adults, 306 of which were Gen Z adults aged 18-26.